WSDOT Traffic Map Experiment - Overview

Welcome Welcome to Jeff Barr's WSDOT Traffic Map Experiment! This is an experiment conducted with no particular goal or purpose in mind.

Access The application is running here. It is currently running on a single EC2 server. As far as I can tell the server load is miniscule (most of the heavy lifting is done by SimpleDB, S3, and CloudFront).

What It Is This is the entry page for an application which takes and stores snapshots of the Seattle Area Flowmap Bridges 5 minute intervals. I thought that it would be cool to have easy access to an archive of the map images. When the WSDOT initiated a month of construction on the I90 bridge between Bellevue and Seattle in May of 2009 I started to grab and store the images to see just how bad the traffic was at various times of day. While it would be cool to scroll back in time to see that data, I was indexing it improperly when I stored it and I didn't have the time to fix the old data. So I blew it away and started fresh on May 25th, 2009.

What's Inside The snapshot is written in PHP and runs on Amazon EC2. I used the Tarzan PHP toolkit and had a lot of fun doing so. Each snapshot is stored in Amazon S3, indexed in Amazon SimpleDB, and then distributed using Amazon CloudFront. The popups are implemented using the jQuery Image Preview package.

Architecture Here is a simple block diagram:

Storage Costs Storage costs for this application are very low. Storing the images pulled down in a single day costs a fraction of a penny per month. The actual costs can be seen here. The EC2 instance also hosts my blog and a few other personal projects.